alcohol stash spot wine rack bra
alcohol stash spot wine rack braalcohol wine rack braAlcohol stash wine rack bra

Alcohol Stash In A Bra | Wine Rack Bra


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Sneak Your Alcohol In

Haven't you ever been somewhere they didn't allow alcohol and you knew that this was just the perfect event to have a couple of drinks? Well, with this bra you never have to worry about that happening again and I guarantee The Wine Rack bra is perfect for any outing or inning. Check out this video to see how it works!

This comfortable sports bra (should be called the sports bar) comes with 2 custom polyurethane bag to put your favorite beverage in and sip on unnoticed by others around you. I got completely faded at my cousins court hearing sporting this awesome piece of clothing. Just kidding. I wouldn't advise trying to do that.

There are many uses that can come out of the wine rack bra. You don't have to do just sneaky stuff, you can put just regular fluids in it too. It makes it convenient to sip on your favorite beverage, although we know what most are going to use it for 😉


Stash Your Alcohol

Alcohol stashes perfectly in this comfortable sports bra with a polyurethane pouch that holds 25 oz of your favorite beverage! Try the Wine Rack Bra Today!

  • Fits 34 C through 38 C perfectly
  • Removable bag custom fitted to bra
  • Easy to use drinking tube with an on/off switch
  • Bra can be washed in washing machine

Very comfortable and very natural looking bra will help you sneak alcohol into where ever you want to. Drinking tube is long and allows you to take a sip without anyone ever noticing what your doing. Although it fits 34-38C perfect if you are a little smaller that’s ok you can just fill it with more alcohol! If you’re a little bigger that’s a little depressing because it means less alcohol. It’ll probably be the only time you wish they were smaller.


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