Gloving led gloves
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Gloving LED Gloves


Gloving is the Future

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Get it for less then $5 here!

Dude, have you heard of this new dance referred to as “gloving”. Well, if you have, you probably don't have to hear it from me that this shit is  pretty awesome! For those of you that have been living under a rock, let me tell you a litle about what gloving is. Check out this video of a dude in a cool Rabbit mask “gloving”!

It's a dance that seems to be gaining popularity in the EDM world, and after Emazing Lights aired on Shark Tank's episode in March the dance has been gaining even more popularity, and with Daymond John and Mark Cuban as investors we can only expect this “niche” to become way more then just a “niche” considering their expertise combined is unspeakable. I didn't know about gloving until I came across and then I investigated a little more and have grown quite interested in Emazing Lights and everything it offers.

I expect great things from emazing lights and their cool LED gloves, although they are a little high priced, there is a much cheaper option where you can spend $5 on Amazon here. I prefer to get the real deal as I am sure they are a bit higher in quality then the cheap ones. But if you are on a budget, you can't beat spending $5.



Gloving Light

  • As seen on Shark Tank!
  •   Comes with White Emazing Gloves, 10 LightsProtective Light Tray, Premuim High Quality LEDs,  and 20 Batteries, Protective Light Tray
  • This set is great for newbies. It displays twenty colors with 3 modes allowing you to create multiple patterns!
  •   Move each light to the ends of the fingertips of the gloves and use the button in the light to turn it on or off. Hold the button on the gloves to turn of or to switch from light pattern mode to light pattern mode.

For more gloving gear check this page!


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