Wayfarer LED shades
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Wayfarer Rayban-like LED Glowing Sunglasses


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See em’ in action!!!!

Hit the party life with these incredibly dope LED wayfarers. They look like the Ray Ban wayfarer but up the game by adding an LED light that outlines the entire frame. WOW! Walk down a crowded street at night and become noticed by everyone. Look at some of the most successful stars today and you’ll notice that many of them have their own unique style that got them extra recognition. Be the first to rock these awesome LED wayfarers and get noticed.

Whether you hit the club, party, or are just chillin’ at the crib with a couple of friends, these sunglasses are sure to liven up the party and make things a little brighter. Check em’ out today, these look alike wayfarers are too cool.

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LED Wayfarer Neon Glowing Shades

This awesome pair of sunglasses completely light up around the exterior of the frame. You can get green, pink, blue, or red. (I like the green personally) Comes with a small battery pack that takes 2 double A batteries.

Just push a button and these glasses light up and will have you resembling some futuristic super hero in no time! You can save the streets from being dark and make it just a little bit brighter. Just kidding. But they will look cool and definitely make people in the club pay attention to you. Don’t just stand out in the crowd when you can be the crowd generator.

PS: These are not Ray Ban brand sunglasses but i like them a little more personally!


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