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Mobile Phone Stun Gun

$79.95 $18.36

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A Very Shocking Phone Call

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The economy has gotten worse and the crime rate keeps rising. How will you protect yourself? How about an inconspicuous mobile phone stun gun.

No attacker will expect that the device you are talking to your best friend on has the ability to put them on their ass. It really is an amazing stun gun. Everyone want to feel secure and this is the remedy to any insecurities.

It makes the perfect gift for a person who gets out of work in the middle of the night or for someone who works a security job. You can never have enough protection and in this day in age you need all the protection you can get. Maybe some self-defense classes will help too but until then, check out this cool mobile phone stun gun today.



 Mobile Phone Stun Gun

This mobile phone stun gun is shockingly cooooool!

3,800,000V stun gun resembles the world’s most famous smart phones
Built in LED flashlight
Built in rechargeable battery
Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge on yourself, but convenient for quick use
Premium leather case

Purchase today and check out this great price!

Check out the price at Guard Dog Security here. YOu will see that the price we have them for is much lower then the price on the site who manufactures the tasers. It is the same exact product for a much lower price. Many people in law enforcement use these same tactical flashlights in the field.


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