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Cool Alarm Clock Bomb


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Check Out This Awesome Review On The Bomb Alarm Clock!!!
Your asleep in your bed with your new cool alarm clock and all of a sudden a buzzer goes off indicating that you need to diffuse a bomb . Who wouldn’t want to wake up knowing that they have a bomb to diffuse before they can proceed with their day. I guarantee this will wake you up more so then a regular alarm with a cup of coffee. Think about all the money you’ll save by not having to buy coffee because you’re so awake from having to disarm a bomb.

You could even use this alarm clock as a funny gag gift considering it runs off an internal battery that is recharged with a USB port. Leave it on your neighbors door step after knocking on their door and hiding. It would probably make a great prank video to put on YouTube! This is one cool gadget and makes a great gift or a cool addition to the bedroom of a bachelor pad. Think about your girlfriend sleeping over for the first time and waking up to this cool alarm clock going off next to her. Can you imagine the look on her face. The laughs and memories you will gain from this alarm are well worth the already low price of $28, so check it out!


Cool Alarm Clock Bomb

This is the perfect cool alarm clock for anyone who has a hard time waking up to alarm clocks. Extremely loud, and who would let this alarm go off any way. Imagine the intense feeling of having to disarm a bomb before you head off to the office. Then you could tell everyone at your job what a bad-ass you are because you diffuse bombs every morning!

  • Time bomb look-a-like cool alarm clock
  • Can Play games with this gadget like the bomb diffusing game
  • Rechargable battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • Loud alarm that’s great for heavy sleepers

With quick shipping this makes the perfect buy for anyone at any age. Get it for your son on his birthday, I guarantee a 10 year old boy would find this cool alarm clock gadget to be awesome and want to show all of his friends his alarm clock. I’ve never seen a kid get excited over an alarm clock until I bought my son this one and he went crazy over it. He didn’t even want to play with his new gizmos and games he had received. He just wanted to blay the bomb diffusing game on his new cool alarm clock!

Either way, no matter what your use for this interesting-looking alarm clock is, the main reason for needing it is the loud, wake you from a dead sleep, alarm sound that emits from this gadget when going off (or before exploding haha). I have one in my house for my son and I think everyone should have one. You should see the faces of some of my friends that unknowingly walked past my sons room, noticed the clock, and freaked out a little bit. I love it and the laughs I’ve gotten from it are priceless!


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