alien face wall art
alien face wall art

My Alien Face Wall Art


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The alien invasion has arrived and grey’s are attempting to take over the planet. Their ability to morph through walls has enabled these space creatures to infiltrate any building and one has become stuck in my wall! Before this little alien decides to contact his UFO and get back to the mother ship I decided to take some pics and show you guys my catch. So get prepared because your house could be next and these little guys only want one thing. Yeah, I don’t want to say it but you know what I am talking about. Probe. LOL Just kidding no probes and it’s fake, but it’ll look really cool on your wall. Check it out today!


Alien Face For your Wall

An alien delivered to your front door by a UFO. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity!

Real Roswell alien face and arms to hang on your wall. Just kidding, it’s obviously not real, and if it was there probably wouldn’t be enough in stock to sell, but it does look very real.

Really awesome gift for any sci-fi lover. I’m a nerd myself and we are in the era where being a nerd is completely cool and it’s actually a popular trend to be kinda nerdy.

Available to select countries outside the US.

Dimensions are 3 x 13 x 10 inches

Suprisingly realistic and hand colored alien face.

Perfect for any room decor ideas



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