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Batman Pocket Knife


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Batman Pocket Knife

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Well I thought Batman might miss his nifty little double-bladed batarang, but apparently he left it behind for you guys. The bat has decided to do some spring cleaning and is getting rid of a couple of things and figured he might as well make a few buck while he’s at it. I mean the guy does risk his life to fight crime.

This two-bladed pocket knife slash Batarang is the only thing missing from your utility belt (you know you have a utility belt). This is definitely a must have for you batman and comic book fans out there. Throw it through the air, play target practice, or just scare the crap out of your friends by asking them to balance an apple on their head while you demonstrate your newly acquired accuracy.

Bat people check this out today!


Double-Bladed Batman Pocket Knife


Put this Batman pocket knife in your utility belt and you’re ready to fight crime like Batman. JK please don’t try to fight crime!

  • Two blades to make double the slices
  • Easy to open with an assist lever
  • Blades lock in place to securely remain open
  • Both blade are 3 in. long and 6 in. combined
  • Also has a clip for your pocket

Don’t hesitate if you are fan of the Bat like I am. This was definitely a necessity and a perfect addition to my own personal collection. I love any Comic swag and everyone knows as well as I do, that the bat is the best! He’s the only super hero who is all human. He just has really cool gadgets that help him out in very big ways.

I think that takes a little more guts then someone who is born with super powers. Imagine if you can make yourself super human simply by inventing a cool gadget or two. Even cooler you could just buy it because Batman has made it available for you.


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