cell phone charger hand crank
cell phone charger hand crankhand crank phone chargerhand-crank mobile charger

Charger | Hand-Crank Cell Phone Charger


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Anyone who owns a cell phone has been out in public, with an important call coming in, 5% battery, no where to charge your phone, and no charger to give it some juice. Well if you had one of these cool gadgets it wouldn’t even be on your mind because you would know that you can charge your phone anywhere. As long as your arms aren’t numb.

Whoever invented the hand-crank cell phone charger needs an award and if I had one I would give it to the inventor! I can’t tell you how many times this gadget has saved my arse. This is one gadget that I will definitely say everyone needs, unless your living in the 50’s and haven’t gotten rid of that rotary phone yet. Check out this video to see exactly what this little guy does.


Hand-Crank Cell Phone Charger For Emergencies

Another one of our cool gadgets. This charger for your cell phone only needs elbow grease to work and start charging your phone!

  • No batteries needed
  • Built in hand-crank powered generator
  • Very bright LED flashlight
  • No bulbs to replace
  • Instantly generates power
  • Comes with a USB adapter and pointers for charging your phone

This hand-crank cell phone charger and flashlight will come in “handy” when you need it the most. The usb hand crank device works for charging your cell phone and many other mobile devices that require USB for a charge. We found this cool gadget to be a necessity as we are sure you will too!


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