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Cool Globe Revolves By Itself

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This really cool gadget makes the perfect decoration for your office desk or top on your bed-side table. Everyone will be fascinated with the way it just rotates all on it's own. For an example check out this video.

As you can see this thing is amazing and a must have. I am one of those people who want everyone to walk in to my house and be completely amazed by the gadgets I have. Life is a popularity contest and that is something we need to face. The more people can find something interesting about someone, the more they like that person. So in other words, stock pile as many cool gadgets as you can!

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Cool Self-Revolving Globe

I had to purchase on of these for my office and I have to say it has continued to turn heads ever since I set it on my desk. I think I made my boss angry a couple of times for causing a distraction by having the coolest gadget in the office. After he evaluated the “distraction” he couldn’t deny that he thought it was pretty cool himself and actually asked me where I bought it

This globe is awesome and rotates all by itself and earns it’s rankings to join the other really cool gadgets in this shop. This self revolving globe requires no batteries and is energized and charged by ambient light so no power cord or any kind of electricity is required for the globe to rotate.

You can balance it on a three prong clear acrylic base that is displayed in the picture or you can set it on anything and as long as it is getting a minimal amount of light it will revolve all on it’s own. You can even hold it cupped in the palm of your hand and it will rotate all by itself.

What powers this globe? Well that is a great question! It’s actually a very scientific process that involves anĀ ultra low friction drive mechanism and a set of special solar cells. Enough light is let in to the globe to charge the cells and revolve the globe all on it’s own. This globe can turn with just a 5 millionth of a watt of energy! That’s incredible.

There is only a limited supply on these cool gadgets and you better get em’ while they last. Check out this video to see it in action.

The dimensions are: 7.25″H x 4.5″W x 4.5″D


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