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Lighter With Solar Powered Fire


Cool Solar Powered Lighter

Picture yourself camping in the Sierras with all of your friends and y’all are having a blast. You’ve set up camp, everything is unpacked, and now there’s nothing left to do but get that fire going and crack open a couple cold one’s.

You pull out your zippo only to realize that the flint fell out or there is no fluid left. Well I guess it’s time to rub two sticks together! Well, that is if you don’t have this spectacular lighter that feeds it’s flame with sun rays. That’s right, sun ray’s. This is a solar powered fire starter and it works every time and lights in seconds.

So don’t go camping or running off into the wilderness unless you have this awesome gadget in your pocket. Here’s a video to demonstrate what this thing can do!


Solar Powered Lighter

This will be the last lighter you will ever need to buy……..well, I guess you still need one for at night 🙂 This solar-powered device requires nothing but the sun to function properly.

The Solar Powered Lighter & Survival Tool is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve come across!It is a unique pocket-size fire starter and lighter that uses the power of the sun by focusing the sun’s ray’s to a specific point that can reach hundreds of degrees! The lighter never needs any fluid, requires no maintenance and will pretty much last forever.

Just point it at the sun and it lights in seconds!

Fuel-free. Waterproof. Windproof.

I know you’re probably wondering what this cool gadget is, well, it is a parabolic mirror just like the one used to light the torch during the olympics. Keep out of reach of children, handle with care, follow instructions! This great solar fire starter is perfect for any outdoor activity that requires a little fire. Just point it at the sun and it lights in seconds! Measures about 4.5″ diameter. Attach a marshmallow and even make s’mores with it.


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