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Shower Heads | LED Light Shower Head

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This shower heads another one of those really cool gadgets. Make your shower head emit light that is either rainbow, red, blue, or green. The shower heads need no electricity and runs off of the water pressure when you turn on your shower.

This is one of the coolest gadgets for your bathroom that I have ever seen and every shower needs a head like this. It lights up bright enough to light your whole bathroom and you can even save on your energy bill by using these heads.


Shower Heads are cool gadgets!

Cool shower heads are hard to find. It’s not something you typically walk into a hardware store looking for. Well look no more, we’ve gotcha covered! With this awesome really cool shower head you can actually save on your light bill! It requires no battery or electricity to fully operate. This gadget has water pressure powered LED lights that are bright enough to light up your bathroom without having to use that 60 watt bulb shining down on you from above.

Another huge plus is that there is no hardware required to perform the installation of this cool addition to your bathroom decor. It literally only takes about 5 mins to install and your ready bathe in rainbows!

The colors fade in as soon as the water is turned on and fade out as soon as it turns off.

With the sleek chrome finish, it makes it easy to be an awesome addition to any bathroom, without looking odd or out of place because it looks different. It doesn’t, it looks like your average high quality shower heads.

I hope you are digging the cool stuff we have to show and I promise to only bring you nothing but the coolest things on earth!



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