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Taser Brass Knuckles


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Taser Brass Knuckles

If your punch packed a punch I don’t think you’d ever worry about being mugged again. With these cool taser brass knuckles you can give that punch the punch you need. Imagine the surprise the attacker feel when that punch they thought was going to be a regular blow turns out to be 950,000 volts of electricity! Here’s a video of a couple of idiots playing around with these gadgets and show you just how powerful they can be. I can’t lie, I laughed pretty hard.

This taser makes the perfect defense against muggers being that it is discrete and easy to keep a hold of it without worry of dropping it. You can just keep zapping away until the criminal is unconscious. Get these cool taser brass knuckles and defend yourself properly.

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Taser Brass Knuckles

These taser brass knuckles are the perfect self-defense!

  • 950,000 volts of electricity
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 lithium batteries included
  • Comes with a free nylon belt and holster
  • One good shock will drop an attacker to their knees

Soft rubber taser brass knuckles that deliver a powerful zap! Defend yourself from attackers with this electrifying gadget and let them know you mean business wit 950,000 volts. This defensive pair of knuckles is fully useable with one hand and only need the push of a button to make it fire and turn off. You can check out these idiots on YouTube using the taser. I do not recommend following in these guys footsteps, but at least this video shows how powerful they really are.

The perfect security for anyone who is worried about an attacker approaching them. Once you light that up and an attacker sees how powerful they are, they’ll turn around and run in the other direction. One of my favorite cool gadgets!




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