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cookie cutters chewed cookiescookie cutters in boxcutters for gingerbread

Cookie Cutters “Already Been Chewed”


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Chewed Cookie Cutters

Imagine the look on your guest’s face when you bring them a tray of “already been chewed” gingerbread cookies. Until they take a closer look and see that you’ve cleverly decorated these cookies to resemble gingerbread zombies with limbs missing.

These cookie cutters make a super cool gift for any person that loves to bake. If you don’t get a kick out of this then go kick yourself. Plus, IT’S ON SALE

Even if you don’t like the whole “Zombie” idea you can always just make it seem as though someone took a couple of bites out of the cookies. The next time you have a get together or you need to send your kids to school with baked goodies for a party, having these cool cookie cutters on hand will give you the opportunity to get a couple of laughs! Click here to get FREE SHIPPING!

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Funny Cookie Cutters

Dude, who ate my cookies? Just kidding these cool cookie cutters make it look like someone already took a bite out of these cookies. Have tons of fun decorating cookies and turning baking into fun time.

  • ABC cookie cutters (ABC= Already Been Chewed lol)
  • Comes with 3 cookie cutters
  • Dimension 3.5 W X 2.5 L
  • Includes recipe for gingerbread cookies
  • Makes the perfect gift for the baker with a sense of humor

These are really cool cookie cutters that make it look like someone already took a bite out of the cookie. Really durable and easy to ship. So easy they will even ship outside of the US.

If you love to bake and you love humorous things then this is perfect for you!


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