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Coolest Cooler Ever

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The Coolest Cooler

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Have you ever craved a cold cooler beverage on a hot day? Typically one where you thought there was a chilled drink in a specific location and when you went and looked it wasn’t there, or some brilliant genius forgot to put ice in the cooler? Well, it’s happened to me on more then a few occasions and I have found the perfect little device to remedy that situation. The coolest cooler ever!

The Cooper Cooler by Revolutionary Cooling Systems is the cure for the warmth that plagues your, desirable, only when cold, beverage. I am pretty stoked I came across this little cooler from the future and damn happy ┬áto be adding this to my list of cool gadgets. Now I can leave my beer un-refrigerated so my buddies don’t bug me when they come over and drink me out of house and home. Seeing how this nifty little gizmo cools my beverage down to drinking temp in about 60 seconds, this is the perfect little cooler for me!

Never Have A Warm Beverage Again

Not with the coolest cooler from Cooper! This thing is a life saver on these hot days. I have been trying to enjoy the heat and having this device handy is completely necessary in all situations.


Your Beverage Chilled In Minutes With The Coolest Cooler

  • Revolutionary Cooling Systems Cooper Cooler
  • You can chill any beverage that’s temp is 77 degrees and bring it down to 33 degrees in minutes
  • Chill the beverages by spraying with cold water and rotating
  • You can set your beverage on extra chill to bring it just a couple degrees above freezing point
  • Just add ice and water
  • Can also warm baby bottles by simply adding warm water
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty (which is always a plus)

This cool gadget quickly chills any drink in a matter of minutes making it the coolest cooler on the market. Revolutionary Cooling Systems Cooper Cooler is the way to go on a hot summer day when you need that ice cold soda right away and someone forgot to put the ice in the ice chest.

A special process chills the beverage by spraying ice water on it and rotating the container. Will chill a can from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in about one minute. This device will not alter a beverage in any way other than make it much cooler.

***NOTE: With this cooler you will not see a huge improvement on beverages that are cold………..they’re already cold.



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