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cool gadget coffee cupcool coffee cup

Coffee Cup “Get Shit Done”


Now this is my type of coffee cup and if you are not a slacker, then I’m sure you’ll love this mug as much as I do. When I am working away at my computer and my “significant other” won’t leave me alone, I just display what the mug says.

It’s like non-chalantly saying, “Shut-up so i can get my shit done!” This will let people you work with at the office know, hey this guy/girl doesn’t mess around and they are totally about their business, so let’s either join em’ or stay out of their way. If your boss thinks it’s inappropriate to have at work then just ask him/her, “How inappropriate would it be if it said ‘Don’t Get Shit Done’?”

This mug is perfect for the man/woman who is dedicated to handling business with professionalism, determination, endurance, and a never ending fire that pushes you to brink of your abilities, all with the intentions to achieve success. So go check out this mug if this is you and you get shit done.


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Awesome coffee cup for the person with that “go-getter” mentality.

This coffee cup is manufactured in the good ol’ US and is printed right in Los Angeles, CA. Me personally, I love stuff that is made in America when it comes to real craftsmanship and artistry. No worries of the matte finish coming off of this coffee cup because it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

This is extremely appealing to the coffee lover businessman or woman. Set it on your desk and watch your boss get a twinkle in his eye as he sees you working away. It’s kinda like saying, “hey boss, check out what my mentality is like”. Start your day off today with your favorite blend of coffee, two creams, a sugar, and an extra dose of motivation.

This cup holds 11 oz. and is the perfect coffee cup for anyone really. Let it be a reminder of what you need to do, and that is, get shit done. This is absolutely the perfect office gift!


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